Yum-Yum Recipes: A Brief History

In 1991, with the Internet still taking its first baby steps around the house of modern technology, Yum-Yum Jones (b. 1924) announced to a small but captive audience at the General Motors Umbrella Division Annual Holiday Party that he was fed up with the hustle and bustle of his middle-management career. A well-liked and respected individual, Yum-Yum sought a new career path that aligned with his true passion - cooking. To the dismay of his colleagues, Yum-Yum left GM in early 1992, with intentions to create a cooking website where users from all backgrounds could submit and recommend delicacies for the world to enjoy.

Unfortunately, at the time, Yum-Yum didn't know the first thing about creating a website. As fate would have it, Yum-Yum became sidetracked from his goal for quite some time when he was selected to participate in a landmark 25-year-long psychological study in which he was asked to "live like he was a pirate" - pillaging and plundering the small islands of the Caribbean. Awash with stories and booty, Yum-Yum returned to his life's passion in early 2017 and finally got around to putting together the beautiful creation you see now.

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